Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: the “The End” of 22 Tasty Journey

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: the "The End" of 22 Tasty Journey

In the middle of Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak is closing down after 22 years of wonderful food. Let us learn more about the interesting history of Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak, a hawker shop that has left an indelible mark on the food scene in the area.

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: After 22 delicious years, we are saying goodbye.

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: the "The End" of 22 Tasty Journey

Chen Han Bin, 62, and his wife Fu Li Xin, 58, have chosen to hang up their aprons. They have been serving delicious nasi lemak for over 20 years. The choice to retire was made because of getting older and the rising costs of running a business. On November 28, they said goodbye with fondness.

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: From being an engineer to becoming a hawker

Chen’s story shows how desire and persistence can lead to success. He had been taught as an engineer, but he wanted to start his own business. “Rather than making money for other people’s pockets, I’d rather earn money for my own pocket,” he said. Chen and his wife started their journey as hawkers on their own because they loved nasi lemak so much. They went from working as engineers to running a busy food stall full of delicious smells.

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: What a rough start, and how persistent they were

Their first attempt at being a seller, which happened on Alexandra Road, was very difficult. During the first six months, the stall lost more than $70,000. Chen didn’t let the rough start stop him. His wife’s unwavering support kept him going. When they moved to Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre in 2001, it was a turning point. Their nasi lemak started to find its place in the market and win over the hearts of locals thanks to their hard work, persistence, and many taste tests.

A Tasteful Return Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak

After taking a break when the food center closed in 2012, Chen went back to his engineering skills. However, nasi lemak was too tempting to pass up. He and his wife opened their shop again at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre in 2018. Their nasi lemak became a local sensation because it was made based on events rather than exact measurements.

This is the secret recipe: love and experience

When asked for a secret recipe, Chen just smiled and said that their nasi lemak was a mix of tastes and experiences, not exact numbers. Customers gave the stall great reviews on Google, giving it a commendable 4.1 grade and calling it the “best nasi lemak in Singapore.” People loved the tasty rice, the spicy chili, and the freshly fried chicken drumsticks that made their mouths water.

The Last Goodbye: A Quiet Exit

The couple chose a quiet closing because they were afraid of a rush of customers wanting one last taste. They chose to keep the closing a secret so that they could keep the close relationship they had with their loyal customers. Only a few regulars who lived close were told, which made the farewell more emotional.

A Legacy of Tasty Memories

Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak doesn’t just leave behind a hawker stall when it goes. It leaves behind a history of love, persistence, and, most importantly, a web of delicious memories that are woven into the community’s fabric. The delicious smell of their savory rice and the long-lasting taste of their spicy chili will always remember people of the fun times they’ve had at this beloved stall.